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Okay, here’s the deal.   While we at WILM don’t have the final say (the NFL does), we can argue for a different game if we have ammunition to back it up.   Well, YOU are our ammunition.   Help us to understand which AFC/NFC teams are your favorite! 

Here’s how the game assignments work.   Usually on Monday’s we get a 12 Day Regionalization.   That tells us which games the NFL has assigned to WILM.   If we feel that there is another game that has better local appeal we have 24 hours to argue our case with the NFL.   That’s where you come in!   We want to know which teams the Wilmington area viewers like to see the most.   We realize that this may change from year to year as teams improve or not, but as of today... help us understand who you want to see.   By the way, we’re not going to do this every week... just once a season. 

Having said all of that, know that it might not always go your way, but we’ll fight for those teams we think have the most local appeal.   I’m sure you already know that you won’t find the Carolina Panthers on this list... they are an NFC team and we only get two Carolina games each year and we’ll always carry those games.   We air mostly AFC games. 

So help us out... tell us what teams you want to see!  

Your vote matters to us! 

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